AIR FORCE EXTREME TY8841 Cleaning performance always at hand

Tefal Air Force Extreme Lithium

Air Force Extreme Lithium is a powerful cordless vacuum cleaner that delivers optimal cleaning results at an outstanding level of convenience. An ultra-modern cleaning tool featuring a DELTA suction head with a high-speed power brush, lithium-ion battery, and highly efficient cyclonic technology.


Air Force Extreme Lithium delivers a high level of convenience at an uncompromising standard of results.

  • A DELTA suction head with an active motorized brush (up to 6200 rpm) comes together with the high performance of Air Force cyclonic technology for extreme deep-cleaning results.
  • The unique, ultra-slim delta-shaped suction head is specifically designed to reach every nook and cranny and provide maximum coverage for challenging environments.
  • Delta vision LED lighting provides enhanced visibility for low and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Cutting-edge features produce the optimal cleaning experience: a long-lasting lithium-ion pro battery with quick 6-hour smart charge and three indicator lights, an easy-emptying dust container, an ultra-light frame for easier carry, and an ergonomic design with upright parking position.

(1) Compared to a canister vacuum cleaner RO59XX from the same manufacturer. Test of dust pick up on hard flat floors carried out by an independent laboratory.

  • Sets you free: no cord, no bag, with performance equivalent to a canister!(1)  

    Air Force Extreme Lithium is perfect for active and demanding consumers looking for convenience on a daily basis.

  • Perfect and long-lasting cleaning results

    Unlike classic filters that get clogged, Air Force Advanced Cyclonic Technology provides a high level of air and dust separation for long-lasting cleaning results.

  • Powerful and easy to handle

    Unique Ultra Slim Delta head: High speed power brush for optimum cleaning, unique triangular shape for optimized cleaning efficiency into corners, and ultra-slim design for easy access under low furniture and into every nook and cranny.

  • Up to 45 min.(2) of running time

    Always available for thorough cleaning.

    (2) On 'Min' position.

  • Lithium-Ion battery technology

    Smart and fast charge: 6 hours max for a fully discharged battery. Enhanced durability: up to 2 times longer.(3)  

    (3)Compared to NiMh battery at the same level of voltage.

  • Delta vision

    Equipped with LED lighting to track dust under low furniture and hard-to-reach areas.

Cordless handstick category Dedicated handstick  
Technology Cyclonic Technology  
Motorization Universal motor  
Power speed position 3  
Battery type Lithium ion  
Voltage 18V  
Running time (min position) Up to 45 min  
Recharging time 6h max  
Recharging type Jack plug  
Running time indicator 3  
Suction Head name Ultra Slim Delta Head  
Vision System: 'LED lighting'    
Suction Head shape Delta  
Brush bar cleaning system    
Dust container capacity 0.5  L
Filtration Foam filter  
Parking position    
Sound Level 80  dB(A)
Loop handle    
Format Compact  
Dimensions (LxWxH) 250 X 284 X 1200  mm
Weight 3.21  kg
Colours Blue lagoon