Deep Fryers

Tefal offers a wide range of deep-fryers, from traditional models up to more professional models. Most fryers feature patented filtration systems to keep your oil always clean for healthier meals. With Filtra fryers, enjoy healthy frying thanks to Tefal's innovative oil filtering systems. Each time you cook, it's convenient and delicious. Go deluxe with Versalio Deluxe, a great multi cooker that can cook anything for the whole family.

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    Fits everywhere to enjoy snacks anytime

  • FF2038 UNO FRYER
    FF2038 UNO FRYER

    Compact size for 1 kg food capacity

  • FR4950 VERSALIO Deluxe 9 in 1 deep fryer
    FR4950 VERSALIO Deluxe 9 in 1 deep fryer

    Versalio is a multicooker for the whole family