TEFAL K12909 Tefal Comfort Wok Spatula

K12909 Tefal Comfort Wok Spatula High quality, heat-resistant kitchen tools and gadgets for everyday cooking made easy.

Discover the Tefal Comfort Wok Spatula for all your wok needs, featuring high-quality heat-resistant polyamide and an enhanced ergonomic design, along with the rest of the convenient kitchen utensil range designed for hassle-free cooking with quality you can count on.

Reference: K1290914

High-quality, heat-resistant kitchen tools and gadgets for everyday cooking made easy

Experience hassle-free cooking with an easy-to-use range of kitchen tools and gadgets designed for pure comfort and everyday convenience in the kitchen. The Tefal Comfort Wok Spatula features the perfect design for all your wok needs, with high-quality heat-resistant reinforced polyamide, an enhanced ergonomic design, and material that's safe for any cookware and won't scratch non-stick coatings. • Heat-resistant tools: Durable, high-quality materials with fiberglass reinforcement designed to resist temperatures as high as 230 °C • Safe tools on cookware: Non-scratching material makes these accessories safe to use with any variety of cookware • The perfect grip: Enhanced ergonomics produce a comfortable grip, for easy and intuitive everyday use Additional Tefal Comfort tools and gadgets include: • Flex angle spatula • Slotted spoon • Solid spoon • Blade spatula • Whisk • Pizza cutter • Peeler • Y-peeler • Grater • Garlic press • Mixing bowl • Colander • Ice cream scoop • Safety can opener • Masher • Kitchen Shears • Angle spatula • Basting brush • Multi-purpose clips • Tongs • Gloves • Pot holder • Pancake spatula
  • Safe for non-stick coatings

    Non-scratch material won't damage cookware with non-stick coatings.

  • Heat Resistant

    High quality heat-resistant polyamide capable of withstanding temperatures up to 230°C.

  • Comfort handle

    Enhanced ergonomics produce a comfortable grip, for easy and intuitive everyday use.

  • Dishwasher safe

    For easy cleaning.

Active Part Material Nylon  
Active Part Color Black  
Handle Material PLASTIC+TPR  
Handle Color BLACK/GREY  
Type WOK  
Family Spatula  
Instructions for Use
Frequently asked questions
Use a non-stick, plastic scouring pad, warm water and washing-up liquid. For stainless steel cookware we recommend specialised stainless steel cleaners.
Your appliance contains valuable materials which can be recovered or recycled. Leave it at a local civic waste collection point.
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