TEFAL CY777 Turbo Cuisine Maxi Electric Pressure and Multicooker

CY777 Turbo Cuisine Maxi Electric Pressure and Multicooker One twist, thousands of delicious recipes!

Your brand new solution for delicious meals in no time: With the Turbo Cuisine Maxi Fast Multicooker, Tefal makes mouth-watering home cooking easier than ever. Whip up delicious, wholesome meals for the entire family with effortless automatic programs from starter to dessert and a pressure cooker mode for perfect results up to 3x faster*. Tefal's exclusive spherical bowl technology ensures tender and juicy results, with an intuitive single control knob for a user-friendly appliance.

Reference: CY777865

The XL capacity all-in-one fast multicooker for easy and delicious meals in no time

Prepare generous meals for up to 8 people in no time! With the Tefal Turbo Cuisine Maxi Fast Multicooker, enjoy cooking large batches of delicious food thanks to a generous 7.6 L capacity and Tefal's exclusive spherical bowl, the secret for tender and juicy results every day! Discover crowd-pleasing family meals from starter to dessert—with 10 monitor-free cooking programs, including pressure cooker mode to cook delicious results up to 3x faster*—all at your fingertips and effortless to master.

Tastier, Easier, Just Better!

*up to 3X faster cooking compared to traditional cookware using gas or electric stove

  • XL 7.6 L Capacity

    The non-stick bowl offers exceptional glide, making it ultra easy to clean and the premium craftsmanship ensures great durability.

  • Always delicious results

    The secret to more flavorful, tender and juicier results, Tefal's exclusive Spherical Bowl design offers a broader heating surface, better heat diffusion and optimal heat circulation.

  • Ultimate versatility

    10 automatic programs in one versatile appliance that covers all your needs from starter to dessert, for breakfast, brunch, hearty stews, healthy steamed veggies, fluffy rice, cakes, and so much more.

  • Convenient monitor-free cooking

    Discover a monitor-free cooking experience—offering total convenience and freeing up more time for the things you love most.

  • Intuitive interface

    One single-knob control for a user-friendly appliance with an intuitive design that takes the hassle out of home cooking.

  • Endless inspiration

    Browse inventive and delicious Tefal recipes online or discover them directly in your recipe book.

  • Advanced safety and peace of mind

    The one-click steam release button lets you release pressure without any contact with the steam—for safe pressure cooking with total peace of mind.

  • Easy to clean

    The non-stick bowl offers exceptional glide, making it ultra easy to clean and the premium craftsmanship ensures great durability.

Fast cooking
Product type Multi Pressure Cooker  
Max pressure level (kPa) 70kPa (Up to 5x faster than pot cooking*)  
Pressure cooking Yes  
Numbers of serving Up to 6 people  
Bowl capacity 7,6  L
Usable bowl capacity 5  L
Full of recipe ideas
Built-in recipes directly on device screen No  
Connected No  
Application Yes, Tefal app (available depending on country)  
Number of built-in recipes -  
Multi function
Automatic cooking programs 10  
Delayed start Yes (Choose exactly when you want to eat)  
Manual mode Yes  
Cooking by ingredient (grains, vegetable, meat & seafood) No  
Keep warm Automatic  
Numbers of cooking program 10  
Easy to use - Guidance
Tilting screen No  
Reproportion by number of servings No  
Adjustable recipes by ingredients you have at left at home Yes, "In my fridge" function on the app  
Allow multi-layer cooking to cook a full meal at once No  
Control panel LCD  
Safety device for overpression Yes, 1 click pressure release  
Step by step guidance On mobile device app and in the recipe book  
Easy to use - bowl
Inner bowl coating Non-stick PTFE coating  
PFOA free Yes, safety bowl coating  
Dishwasher safe Yes, accessories only  
Spherical bowl for even cooking  
Other features
Technology USB  
Removable Cord    
Colours Black  
Visual cooking No  
Automatic shutdown Yes  
Power cord length 1.0  m
Type of plug UK  
Shape Straight Plug  
Plug color BLACK  
Frequently asked questions
There is no standby mode on your product. To stop a program anytime during the cooking process, press the start / stop button for 3 seconds.
If you are not planning to use your appliance within the next hour, simply unplug it.

  • Rotative knob: you can switch from one program to another by turning the rotative knob and launch the program by short-pressing the start / stop button.

  • To stop a program anytime during the cooking, you just need to press the start / stop button during 3 seconds.

  • To adjust the temperature or the time of your program, first turn the rotative knob to select your program, then press the thermometer or timer buttons to adjust the settings. Turn the knob to the right to increase the cooking time or temperature, turn the knob to the left to decrease (if "Auto" is displayed on the screen, it means that the program's temperature or time are already optimized and therefore are not adjustable). When the temperature and time are adjusted to your desire, you can launch the cooking program by pressing the start / stop button.

  • To launch a delayed start, turn the rotative knob to select your program, adjust your temperature and time if needed, and press the button showing a little clock on the top right of the panel to set a delayed start. The small orange light lights on to indicate that the delayed start is on. Turn the knob to adjust the delayed start duration, and then press the start / stop button to launch the cooking program. The cooking phase will start when the delayed start time has elapsed.
Wipe the bottom of the cooking bowl.
Make sure there is no food or liquid residue under the bowl or on the heating plate.

Then place the bowl into the appliance.

Never use the appliance without the cooking bowl.

Note: When using your appliance for the first time, the bowl may release a slight odour. This is normal.
To use the Turbo Crisp lid, follow the below steps:
1. Plug the Turbo Crisp lid to a wall socket.
2. Place your ingredients into the pot.
3. Place the Turbo Crisp lid on the pot.
4. To begin cooking, select an automatic cooking mode or choose manual mode.
You can choose among 4 automatic cooking modes:
• Roast
• Grill
• Air-fry
• Bake

To do so, press the [Menu] button until you reach the desired cooking mode.
Then confirm the cooking mode by pressing the [Start] button to start cooking.
When choosing the Manual mode, you can adjust the temperature and cooking time:
1. Adjust the temperature by pressing the [Time/Temperature] icon, then use the [+] and [-] buttons on the screen. The temperature range is from 70 to 200°C.
2. Then set the cooking time by pressing the [Time/Temperature] icon and adjust the time using the [+] and [-] buttons on the screen. The cooking time range is from 0 to 60 minutes.
3. Press the [Start] button to begin cooking. The remaining cooking time will be displayed on the screen.
This function is not available for all cooking modes or for all preparations.
This is intentional to prevent possible bacterial growth that is undesirable for your health.
• The filling level of the bowl must never exceed the MAX level.
• For food that may expand during cooking (rice, seeds, lentils, peas, etc.), do not fill the bowl beyond half its maximum capacity.
• The bowl should always be filled with a minimum of 200 ml of liquid.

! Don't put your hands near the steam exhaust!
It is possible that a slight flow of steam may escape from the back of the appliance during cooking.
• The required amount of water varies depending on the recipe and cooking time.
• Always use a minimum of 200 ml of liquid.
• Place the steam basket in the bowl and make sure that the food does not touch the lid.

! Do not put your hands near the steam exhaust!
It is possible that a slight flow of steam may escape from the back of the appliance during decompression phase.
The amount of ingredients should never exceed the MAX level. When you are cooking conventionally, the lid must always be open.
After following the instructions in the user manual for starting the appliance, make sure that your electrical socket is working by plugging another appliance. If it still does not work, do not try to dismantle or repair the appliance yourself, instead, take it to an approved repair centre
Do not use your appliance. To avoid any danger, have it replaced by an approved repair centre.
• Check that the silicone gasket is properly placed.
• Check that the lid is in proper position for closing (align the small arrow and lock the lid clockwise).
• Check for foreign bodies between the bowl and the heating plate. Remove the bowl and check that the heating plate, the central element and the underside of the bowl are clean. Also check that the central element can move freely.
• The bowl may be deformed (after an impact, fall...). The bowl must be changed at an authorised service centre.
• This is normal, the odour will disappear completely after a few uses.
• For a quick removal of the smell, you can put 0.5 liter of water, one cup of white vinegar and 2 slices of lemon in the cooking bowl, and launch a steam program for 10 minutes.
• Be sure to thoroughly clean the items listed in the instructions: cooking vessel, metal lid, before re-using your appliance.
• Check that there is no cooking in progress.
• Check that the pressure is fully released by pressing the pressure release button.
• Unplug the product and wait until it cools completely.
Make sure that the power cable is connected to both your device and the mains power supply.
If the problem persists, take your device to an authorized service centre.
• The silicone gasket in the lid is not in the proper position. In this case, let the appliance fully cool down, check the silicone gasket position, replace it properly if needed.
• The safety valve and pressure release valve may be clogged, or not in the proper position. In this case, let the appliance fully cool down, check the valves position and make sure they are clean, then replace it properly.
• If the problem persists after this check, take your product to an approved service centre.
If an error code appears (example: E0, E1, E2), you can refer to your product's manual for more information.
Check with the help of the user manual that all parts are securely placed (silicone gasket, safety valve and pressure release valve).
The lid is not in the proper position. According to the cooking program selected, the lid needs to be fully locked, closed but not locked, or fully opened. Please refer to your user manual to check which lid position is suitable for each cooking program.
1. Make sure that the power cable is connected to the power supply.
2. If the product is powered, unplug the power cord for 10 - 15 seconds and then plug it back in.

If the problem persists, contact our customer service or take your device to an approved service centre.
The grid is made of stainless steel and can be washed in the dishwasher without risk.
Yes, the grid is compatible with all cooking modes of the Extra Crisp and Turbo Crisp accessories.
The grid can be placed in the bowl:
• either in low position to raise your food for better air circulation.
• either in high position to have 2 cooking levels, one at the bottom of the bowl, and one on the grid.

The grid is compatible with all the built-in cooking modes of our multicookers, including pressure cooking.
The grid is compatible with multicookers of 5.8L capacity and more (list of compatible models).
There are recipes specially written with the 2in1 grid accessory directly in the app. When searching, you can filter based on the accessory.
You can also use the grid for manual cooking without any problem.
The grid can handle a maximum weight of 1.2kg.
The grid must be installed in the bowl before placing the ingredients there.
Food will not be stable on the grid if you use it outside the bowl.
We advise you to let the grid cool before handling it, or to use potholders to take it from the bowl.
If the grid is still hot, place it on a heat-resistant surface.
After cooking, remove the ingredients that have cooked on the grid.
You can then take the hot grid from the bowl using potholders.
No, the grid is not microwave compatible.
The grid can only be used in multicookers with a capacity of 5.8L and above.
We advise you not to use the grid and throw it into a sorting bin.
Your appliance contains valuable materials which can be recovered or recycled. Leave it at a local civic waste collection point.
Please go to the “Accessories” section of the website to easily find whatever you need for your product.
Find more detailed information in the Guarantee section of this website.
If you believe that one part is missing, please call Consumer Services Center and we will help you find a suitable solution.