TEFAL CY625 Home Chef Smart Pro Electric Pressure and Multicooker

CY625 Home Chef Smart Pro Electric Pressure and Multicooker OPTI-TASTE Technology for natural flavors of meals, without MSG*  

Prepare delicious meals for the whole family in a fraction of the time! With the Home Chef Smart Pro Multicooker, enjoy fast, versatile cooking on a wide array of recipes, thanks to 19 pre-set programs and 3 special functions, including adjustable time, pressure and temperature. Its Opti-Taste technology and spherical pot combine for perfect results and delicious flavor, for easy home cooking that is full of taste!

Reference: CY625D65

Home Chef Smart Pro Multicooker: Perfect meals, perfect taste!

Spend less time in the kitchen and more time with the ones you love! Home Chef Smart Pro Multicooker is the fast, versatile pressure cooker that makes no compromise on flavor. Equipped with Opti-Taste technology and a specially designed spherical pot, its electrical pressure valve works in conjunction with the dedicated cooking programs to pressure-massage the ingredients, enhancing all their natural taste. Featuring 19 pre-set programs, it does it all, from rice and congee to meats, soups and special recipes like sous-vide cooking and abalone. Three additional special functions allow you to adjust the cooking time, pressure and temperature, for still more creative possibilities. There's even a convenient My Recipes program, to easily save three of your favorite recipes for easy access! Offering maximum security thanks to 18 safety features, this convenient multicooker is equipped with automatic keep-warm and pre-set timer functions, both of up to 24 hours. Rounding it all off are a family-friendly capacity and an easy-to-clean design of removable parts and accessories, including a measuring cup, rice spatula, soup spoon and steam basket. • Perfect results: multicooker combining Opti-Taste technology and a spherical pot for perfect results and delicious flavor • Fast cooking: pressure cooker for up to 80% faster cooking that saves you time* • Versatile: a multicooker offering a wide variety of programs to vary your daily meals, including 19 pre-set programs and 3 special functions

    Opti-Taste technology combines with a spherical shaped pot for perfect results and delicious flavor. An electrical pressure valve in conjunction with dedicated cooking programs raises and lowers the pressure in the pot during cooking. This change of pressure acts to massage the food, thus enhancing the flavor


    Pressure allows you to cook up to 80% faster and thus save time.* *Rendang Beef cooked in 40 minutes with pressure cooker vs 4 hours with normal gas cooker


    This appliance offers a wide range of programs to vary your daily meals: 19 pre-set programs and 3 special functions, including adjustable cooking time, adjustable pressure and adjustable temperature, allow you to create countless recipes.

  • SAFE

    Equipped with 18 different safety features for optimum safety during use: Auto pressure release, Limit temperature control protection, High temperature fuse protection, Lid safety design, Limit pressure control protection, High pressure gap release mechanism, Anti-blocking of floating valve, Open lid safety, Slow opening lid, Lid position detection (no pressure), Lid position detection (no heating), Skid resistance, Water collector, Safety valve, Voltage detection, Auto diagnosis, Inner pot detection, Anti-dry-heating design.


    Measuring cup, rice spatula, soup spoon and steam basket included.

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    19 pre-set programs and 3 special functions at the push of a button

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    This appliance offers special cooking functions such as:
    - Sous-Vide: thanks to precise temperature controls, foods cooked with Sous-Vide always achieve the same tasty result and keep the natural taste of the ingredients.
    - Abalone: achieve the traditional cooking method at the push of a button in shorter time. Enjoy your leisure time with no need to monitor the cooking process.
    - Quick Rice: delicious rice cooked in less than 24 minutes.*
    - Slow Cook function with 2 settings: High and Low, for silky texture and abundant flavor.

    *2 cups of white rice

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    This appliance offers special cooking functions such as:
    - Add Ingredients: add ingredients during the pressure cooking process for the best texture every time.
    - Sauce Thickening: thicken soups and sauces after cooking for perfect texture.
    - My Recipes: save 3 of your favorite recipes for a quick and easy start.

Fast cooking
Product type Multi pressure cooker  
Max pressure level (kPa) 70kPa (Up to 3x faster than pot cooking)  
Pressure cooking Yes  
Numbers of serving Ideal for 4 people  
Bowl capacity 4,8  L
Usable bowl capacity 3,2  L
Full of recipe ideas
Built-in recipes directly on device screen No  
Connected No  
Application No  
Number of built-in recipes -  
Multi function
Automatic cooking programs 15  
Delayed start Yes (Choose exactly when you want to eat)  
Manual mode Yes  
Cooking by ingredient (grains, vegetable, meat & seafood) No  
Keep warm Automatic  
Numbers of cooking program 15  
Additional included accessories Soup Spoon, Rice Spoon  
Easy to use - Guidance
Tilting screen No  
Reproportion by number of servings No  
Adjustable recipes by ingredients you have at left at home No  
Allow multi-layer cooking to cook a full meal at once Yes 2 layers  
Control panel Full color LCD  
Safety device for overpression Yes with automatic pressure release  
Step by step guidance No  
Easy to use - bowl
Inner bowl coating Non-stick ceramic coating  
PFOA free Yes, safety bowl coating  
Dishwasher safe Yes, accessories only  
Other features
Power 1090  W
Technology USB  
Removable Cord    
Colours Silver  
Secondary colour(s) Black and Grey  
Visual cooking No  
Frequently asked questions
After following the instructions in the user manual for starting the appliance, make sure that your electrical socket is working by plugging another appliance. If it still does not work, do not try to dismantle or repair the appliance yourself, instead, take it to an approved repair centre
Do not use your appliance. To avoid any danger, have it replaced by an approved repair centre.
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