INTENSE PURE AIR XL CONNECT PU6085 Up to 99.99% of allergens and fine particles filtered*

With the Intense Pure Air XL Connect air purifier, control your air and breathe better for a healthier life. Thanks to its new 4-level filtration system, up to 99.99% of allergens and fine particles* are captured, while harmful formaldehyde is permanently destroyed. Discreet yet fast and powerful, this purifier features a smart system to automatically detect and adapt to the air quality, as well as a slew of convenient features for total comfort of use. Thanks to the connected app, purer air is always at your fingertips.

Intense Pure Air Connect purifier: Pure air for a healthier life

Breathe in a healthier life! The Intense Pure Air XL Connect purifier captures up to 99.99% of allergens and fine particles thanks to a new four-level filtration system that includes patented NanoCaptur technology to permanently destroy harmful formaldehyde*. At just 22 dB(A) on Silent mode, this discreet air purifier is two times quieter** yet both fast and powerful, purifying the air in only  5 minutes on the Boost setting. Its smart technology automatically detects air quality and adjusts the speed accordingly, adapting itself to the time of day with Auto-Day and Auto-Night modes so you can relax. Rounding it all off are a slew of convenient features for total comfort of use, including a 3D Pure Air grid for optimal air circulation, a modern touch panel with 8-hour timer and delayed-start functions, and a filter-change indicator so that each filter is always up to date. And thanks to the connected app, you can monitor and control your air quality from wherever you are, as well as receive real-time recommendations for healthier air. Intense Pure Air Connect: purer air is always at your fingertips!

* External test done on True HEPA Allergy+ filter according to JIS B 9908 standard test methodology, 2017

* Tested in an external laboratory, November 2014

* Tested in an external laboratory, November 2014

** Tested in comparison with current Tefal Intense Pure Air XL PU606XXX at minimum speed

  • Permanently destroys formaldehyde*

    Intense Pure Air is the only air purifier that permanently destroys formaldehyde while other filtration technologies only trap it and release up to 100% of formaldehyde filtered*

  • Fast purification

    360 m3/h CADR plus Boost mode for air purification in as little as 5 minutes.

  • Twice as quiet

    At only 22 dB(A) on Silent mode, it is two times quieter,* for discreet filtration and undisturbed sleep. * vs current Tefal Intense Pure Air PU606XXX at minimum speed.

  • 4 levels of filtration

    A new high-efficiency filter captures up to 99% of allergens and fine particles* thanks to 4 levels of filtration: 1) Pre-filter for pet/human hair and dust 2) Active Carbon Filter for smoke, odors, VOCs and chemical pollutants 3) Allergy+ Filter for fine particles, pollen, pet danders, dust mites, mold, bacteria and viruses 4) Exclusive and patented NanoCaptur Filter to permanently destroy formaldehyde, a highly toxic indoor air pollutant * Tested in an external laboratory, November 2014

  • Connected solution

    The Pure Air app in partnership with Plume Labs features indoor and outdoor air quality indicators with real-time recommendations on how to breathe better air. At the same time, it lets your control the speed, auto-mode and timer functions from wherever you are.

  • Smart system

    Automatically detects air pollution and adjusts speed accordingly, with adapted Auto-Day mode and Auto-Night mode with mood lighting.

  • 3D Pure Air grid

    Adjustable air outlet orientation, for optimal air circulation and maximum comfort of use.

  • Comfort of use

    A modern touch panel with timer and delayed-start functions of up to 8 hours, for total comfort of use.

  • Filter-change indicator

    Conveniently signals when each individual filter needs changing.

Type of products Air Purifier  
Type of technology Filtration  
NanoCaptur Technology    
Number of speeds 4  
Air Quality Indicator    
Control panel Electronical  
Timer 1 / 2 / 4 / 8  h
Delayed Start 1 / 2 / 4 / 8 h  
Weekly program    
Filter change indicator    
Adjustable grid    
Additional included accessories Active Carbon Filter, Hepa Filter, NanoCaptur Filter  

Frequently asked questions
1) It takes between 15-30 seconds after you press the Wifi button to connect.
2) The connection attempt may be interrupted and the network access point "AIR PURIFIER XXXX" may no longer be displayed. Be aware that in case of no connection to the 'AIR PURIFIER XXXX' network, it will disappear within 5 minutes.
Please check if your Wifi function is activated. You can activate it by pressing both 'light' and 'Wifi' buttons for 3 sec. You should hear a 'ding-dong' noise to tell you that the Wifi function is activated. You can re-press the Wifi button to see if the LED is flashing.

Of course, if you don't want to use Wifi function, you can press both 'light' and 'Wifi' buttons during 3 sec to deactivate the Wifi function.
No. You phone must be connected to your home Wifi to do the pairing. After your purifier is connected to your home Wifi successfully, you can control your product wherever you are by 3G/4G network. If you are trying the connection the 2nd time, don’t hesitate to check that your phone is always connected to your home Wifi when you start.
Yes, it's normal. You are connecting to the network generated by your air purifier and this can't access to Internet. You need to connect to this network ('AIR PURIFIER xxxx') as well to continue.
You could press both 'light' and 'Wifi' buttons during 3 sec to activate or deactivate the Wifi function.
Of course! New users just need to download the App PURE AIR and create an account.
Then there are 2 ways to share:

1) You need to enter in 'My Devices'.
Choose the purifier that you want to share.
Click on 'Share by email'.
Enter the email of the new user.
Click on 'OK'.

2) You need to enter in 'My Devices'.
Choose the purifier that you want to share.
You can see the 'QR code' of your purifier.

The new user needs to enter in 'My Devices'.
Click '+' in order to add new product.
Choose 'scan the QR code'.
Scan the 'QR code' on your screen.
Place the purifier on a flat, stable surface in the room requiring treatment. To allow the air to circulate freely, avoid placing the appliance behind curtains, below a window, item of furniture or shelf unit, or close to any other obstacle, and leave at least 50 cm of free space on each side of the appliance.
• The pre-filter must be cleaned every 2 to 4 weeks.
• The active carbon filter must be replaced when the "Odor" indicator light lights up, otherwise at least every year.
• The HEPA filter must be replaced when the "HEPA" indicator light lights up, otherwise at least every 3 years.
• The NanoCaptur filter must be replaced according to the saturation indicator (refer to the colour chart on the filter); check the degree of saturation every 6 months.
Guidelines based on 8 hours of use per day at speed 2.
Yes, it's normal. Your App needs the Internet to download the content like: Devices, access to legal content pages, schedules...
Check when the filters were last cleaned and replaced, and clean/replace the filter(s) if necessary.
Check when the filters were last cleaned and replaced, and clean/replace the filter(s) if necessary.
There are several points you could check:
• Wifi password is wrong.
• Wifi password can contain only ASCII codes with maximum 32 characters.
• You must deactivate your internet mobile data during the pairing.
• Wifi: the appliance can only be connected to 2,4Ghz network. It's not possible with 5 Ghz.
• The application does not indicate the correct Wifi.
• You must activate the localisation permission in the settings (only for the Android OS 6+).
• The appliance can only be connected to a home Wifi network. It will not connect to a secure office network (using a proxy).
• If the problem persists, please try again.
Please check if your smartphone is always connected to a network. You could use either a Wifi connection or a mobile data network. You could try to load a simple internet page see if your network works.
Your purifier isn't connected to Internet anymore:
• Check if your Internet is still working. If the network comes back, your purifier will connect to Internet automatically.
• The password of your internet box has been changed? If yes, you need to restart the pairing process.
If the time slot is earlier than current time, by default the product will start next day.

The 'Intense Pure Air' air purifier allows you to breathe up to 99.95% pure air in your home, and as such to protect your health thanks to the four levels of filtration described below:
• Level 1: PRE-FILTER for dust, hair, fur
• Level 2: ACTIVE CARBON FILTER for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odours / gases
• Level 3: HEPA FILTER for fine particles (PM2.5), pollens, acarids, animal allergens, mould, bacteria / viruses
• Level 4: NANOCAPTUR FILTER for formaldehyde