AIR FORCE 360 TY9051 Powerful, Versatile Performance  

Vacuuming every day is the best way to get a perfect home. To do it without any constraint, Tefal is launching AIR FORCE™ 360, both a cordless handstick and and handheld, this 'all in one' will quicky become your daily partner at home. Light & ultra efficient, it can be used daily to track dust even in the hardest to reach areas!


Powerful, versatile and offering high performance, the Tefal Air Force 360 makes it easy to reach and clean high and even dim areas, no matter the surface type.


  • Built with Tefal’s advanced cyclonic technology to effectively separate air from dust, the Air Force 360 offers powerful suction for superior cleaning regardless of surface – from tiled floors to hardwood or carpet. It also comes with a brushless motor for optimum performance in a compact format and longer lifetime.


  • Being cordless, the Air Force 360 makes cleaning a breeze. Equipped with two integrated brush heads for 360° flexibility, corners that are seldom clean as it is difficult to reach, such as behind the tv or underneath the furniture, are now more accessible.


  • Equipped with a one-click always “on” button, the Air Force 360 is easy to use yet delivers continuous performance for all your cleaning needs. With the user-friendly power trigger, constant pressure is not needed to power this tool so you can maintain an easy and relaxed grip while cleaning

*maximum autonomy using the handheld on powerful standard position

  • One brush head for all types of floors

    Air force 360 is an ALL-IN-1 cordless handstick vacuum cleaner with a motorized suction head for powerful performance on all varieties of floors, including tile, hardwood, carpets, and more. Just one click transforms this versatile cleaning tool into an ultra-efficient handheld for dust pick-up in hard-to-reach areas. In another click, it transforms into an impressive reach tool for cleaning at high places.

  • Perfect long-lasting cleaning performance

    Unlike classic filters that get clogged, exclusive Air Force Cyclonic Technology provides a high level of air and dust separation for long-lasting cleaning performances.

  • The freedom of a cordless device with strong performance!

    Cordless and equipped with a 21.9V Lithium-Ion technology battery, for up to 20 minutes of cleaning.*

  • Ultra light for excellent comfort-in-use

    Only 1.9 kg as a handheld tool

  • Performance that lasts

    Brushless motor gives optimum performance and longer lifetime.

  • Track dust even in hard-to-reach areas

    Ultra-slim suction head is able to pick up dust under low pieces of furniture. The equipped LEDs help to detect dust in dark areas.

  • Enhanced comfort-in-use in any situation

    Ergonomic and effortless trigger with no need for constant pressure.

Recharging time 3h max  
Dust container capacity 0.4  L
Filtration Washable foam  
Sound Level 85  dB(A)
Colours Black & metallic cobalt  

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