EQUINOX 9L OF500E The most compact easy-to-use toaster oven!

A 9 L toaster oven for easy cooking of everyday meals.

Equinox 9L features faster heat-up time and perfect toasting results through Quartz Heating technology. This high-performance toaster oven delivers flawless toasting of bread, as well as heating and reheating all your favorite dishes: pizza, chicken, and more.


Combining outstanding performance with the convenience of a compact frame and easy-to-use functions, Equinox 9L is the perfect toaster oven for all of your cooking needs. This high-performance toaster oven is enhanced with Quartz Heating technology for a faster heat-up time and flawless results. Performance is matched by convenience and exceptional ease-of-use: intuitive heat controls running up to 230° C, a timer with a maximum of 30 minutes, an auto shut-off function, a double-layered door for added security, and a non-stick interior and removable crumb tray for easy cleaning options. The range of features comes together with a 9 L capacity, all housed within a compact frame, making Equinox 9L the perfect toaster oven to fit any kitchen.

    Delivers faster heat up and impeccable toasting performance.

  • Security

    A double-layered door provides greater safety during cooking.

  • Easy toaster oven

    Exceptional ease-of-use with mechanical functions: Thermostat up to 230° C, timer up to 30 min with auto shut-off, and red indicator light.


  • Compact

    A large 9 L interior with highly compact design that can be perfectly integrated in any kitchen.

  • Easy to Clean

    A non-stick interior and removable crumb tray produce an easy-cleaning toaster oven


  • Easy to use 

    Grill rack and food tray accessories included to make cooking easier.


Thermorespect label    
Number of layer glass door 2  
Non stick coating cavity    
Power 800  W
Gril power 800  W
Total capacity 9  L
Heating type Conventional  
Max temperature 230  °C
Timer duration 30  min
Cooking mode 1 Conventional  
Cleaning features Non-stick coating  
Inner usefull cavity dimensions (W x D x H ) 25.2 * 19.5 * 16.7  cm
Accessory 1 Reversible shelf  
Accessory 2 Drip pan  
Colours Silver  

Frequently asked questions
Before using for the first time:
• Unpack the appliance. The packaging can be recycled, but it may be useful for transporting the oven or returning it to an approved repair centre.
• Put your oven on a stable surface.
• Remove all stickers and protections from the inside and outside of your oven.
• Remove all accessories* from the oven (grill, spit, etc.).
• Clean the oven and accessories with a damp cloth. Dry carefully.
• Close the door by holding the handle only.
• Completely unwind the power cord and plug it into an earthed socket.
• Position the function selector at the "oven" position.
• Set the oven thermostat to max. temperature.
• Set the time for 15 to 20 minutes.
The oven starts up. Some smoke may be released, this is completely normal and will disappear with use.
Any handling of the door must take place by holding the handle.
• For roasting meat and poultry: use trays with high sides (5 cm minimum) to reduce splashes of grease on the oven walls.
• For pastry, use trays with a non-stick coating to make it easier to turn them out.
To cook meat, fish, gratins, soufflés, pastries, etc:
• Place the shelf at the required height.
• Position the function selector to the oven position.
• Put the tray of food in the oven and close the door.
• Set the thermostat to the required temperature.
• Set the timer.
The oven heats up and stops automatically according to the programmed time. You always have the possibility of interrupting cooking by moving the timer to zero.
Pre-heating is not always necessary (depending on the recipe). The temperature of the door and walls is high when the oven is in operation. Please note, do not place the tray directly on the base element or the smooth base.
To grill and brown all your preparations:
• Preheat your oven.
• Put your tray or meat on the grill as close as possible to the grill element without your food touching the element.
• You can put a tray or the drip tray with a little water directly on the base element or smooth base which does not heat up so that you can collect the grease or juices from the food you are cooking.
• Leave the door ajar (depending on model).
• Position the function selector in the "grill" position.
• Set the required cooking time using the timer.
The oven starts up. For meat, it is necessary to turn the food to be grilled halfway through the cooking time (sausages, etc.).
At the end of the cooking time, if the programmed cooking time has run out, the oven stops automatically, if not, set the timer to zero.
You must not under any circumstances introduce any materials that run the risk of melting or catching fire in your oven.
With fan-assisted ovens, avoid glass or earthenware material. Use a baking temperature lower than the recommended one and increase the baking time.
No, you must activate the timer and set the thermostat to switch the oven on.
You can stop the cooking at any time by turning the timer to zero.
Before any maintenance or cleaning: unplug the appliance and leave the oven to cool down.
A simple wipe with a sponge is enough to clean the outside of the appliance.
Clean the door, the enamelled or lacquered surfaces and the translucent parts with a damp sponge with a little mild detergent added.
Do not use any aggressive cleaning products (particularly sodium-based strippers), or a scourer or abrasive pad.
To facilitate cleaning, your oven is fitted with:
• Self-cleaning walls* after cooking greasy food, heat your oven while empty, with the thermostat at the maximum position for 10 minutes, with the door closed.
• A grill element that can be folded down but is not removable*.
• A smooth base element that is enamelled or can be lifted* (not removable).
* Depending on model
For stuck-on food, you may use a soft non-abrasive metal pad. Never force the elements when handling them.
All accessories* (shelf, tray, rotary spit kit) can be washed in water with a little detergent added or can be washed in the dishwasher.
Yes, it is normal for some smoke or a smell to be released the first time you use the appliance. This phenomenon will quickly disappear. The first time, we recommend operating the appliance while empty (without the accessories): set the thermostat to the max. position for 15 to 20 minutes.
If some parts of the appliance catch fire, never attempt to put the fire out with water. Smother the flames with a damp cloth, covering the whole appliance. Unplug the appliance and do not open the oven door.
• Observe the recommended baking time,
• Favour use of a dark coloured metallic pie tin with an adjustable height, and avoid pie tins made from earthenware, terracotta, porcelain or glass
• Use the correct shelf position: On the middle for a fan-assisted oven and on the bottom for a convection oven,
• Don't use aluminium cooking sheet.
The interior lighting only works when the timer function is activated.
The elements do not need to be red to heat. In fact, whether the element turns red depends on the distribution between the heating performance and the length of the element.
No. Your oven has not been designed to be fitted into a unit. It must be placed on a stable surface that can withstand temperatures of at least 90°C. It is very important to leave space free all around the oven and particularly at the top.
The defrost mode helps speed up the time to defrost food, by stirring the air inside the oven (there is no heating phase during the defrost mode).
The green light shows that the required temperature is reached.
The red light shows that the appliance is switched on.
The cooking times mentioned in the table are given by way of indication. They may vary depending on the quality of the ingredients and the dishes used. The cooking time therefore needs to be adjusted depending on the food and the cooking utensils used.
The heat is generated by the oven’s upper and lower elements. This traditional cooking mode is suitable for cooking meat, fish and puddings.
The heat is generated by the oven’s upper element. This can be used for traditional grilling/barbecuing and also to brown dishes.
The heat is generated then blown around by a fan located at the rear of the oven which guarantees exceptionally even cooking anywhere in the oven. The blowing around of the air allowsyour food to be cooked evenly.
The heat is generated by the oven’s upper element. The rotisserie accessory rotates to evenly brown your pieces of meat.
The turbo function allows you to cook all your dishes quickly. The heat is generated by higher and lower resistance, to which the fan-assisted function has been added.
This function combines fan-assisted heat and lower resistance, which simultaneously ensures supremely even baking, with a crisp texture to the pastry.