AIR FORCE 360 ALL-IN- ONE TY9292HO All-in-one vacuum cleaner for an off-road performance

Experience the best combination with the AIR FORCE 360 ALL-IN-ONE cordless handstick, for uncompromising cleaning efficiency across all surfaces with extreme comfort and ergonomics. This high-performance cordless handstick can be converted into a handheld with a single click. The "Power Slim Vision" suction head produces deep-cleaning results at an unparalleled level of convenience on all types of floors, while a full range of accessories will allow you to vacuum any surfaces in just one click.

All-in-one vacuum cleaner for an off-road performance

The AIR FORCE ALL-IN-ONE cordless handstick produces a high-comfort experience with deep-cleaning results across all surfaces. With just one click, this high-performance cordless handstick becomes an ultra-efficient handheld, delivering access into every last nook and cranny, or a reach tool for dust pick-up at high levels. The Power Slim Vision suction head with motorized brush (up to 6,500 RPM) produces exceptional cleaning performance on all floors, with LED lights for easier cleaning in low-light areas. Advanced brushless "Power Boost" motor technology offers extreme cleaning power in a lightweight, compact frame. Enhanced ergonomics enable comfortable one-handed or two-handed operation, and allow you to empty the dust container with a single click. All this, with a 21.9V Lithium-Ion battery which offers : With the handstick : >20min.max on powerful standard position >12min.max on boost position With the handheld : >30min. max on powerful standard position >14 min. max on boost position. With a stay-on trigger always within reach for effortless cleaning.  The AIR FORCE ALL-IN-ONE comes with 1 Delta head to vacuum dust in corners, 2 integrated brushes for instant cleaning, a kit of 3 brushes (Textile, Intensive, Respect) to adapt to any surfaces, and 1 charging and storing wall base.  

*maximum autonomy using the handheld on powerful standard position

  • Outstanding cleaning performance on all floors.

    Exceptional cleaning performance is always within reach for any surface in just one click, while an enhanced ergonomic design delivers ultimate comfort and ease-of-use.

  • High-performance suction brush

    The POWER SLIM VISION suction head features a motorized brush and LED lights for greater visibility when cleaning in low-light areas such as under furniture.

  • 30 minutes autonomy*

    *Maximum autonomy using the handheld on powerful standard position.

  • Boost position

    12 minutes of maximum performance

  • Versatility in just one click

    Clean any surface and access hard-to-reach areas with just one click, for the ultimate convenience of a handheld, a cordless handstick at your fingertips or an impressive reach tool for vacuuming in high.

  • Enhanced comfort-in-use for any situation

    The new ergonomic design enables both one-handed and two-handed cleaning, with a stay-on trigger and an easier emptying of the bowl in 1 single click.

  • Enhanced cleaning power in a compact frame

    The "Power Boost" motor delivers the advanced technology of a brushless motor system while providing optimum cleaning power with the convenience of a lightweight, compact frame.

  • Additional accessory:

    1 Mini Electro Brush to remove animal hair, for deep vacuuming.

  • Additional accessory:

    1 XL Crevice Tool to access dust in small areas

  • Additional accessory:

    1 Sofa brush for furniture with delicate textile.

  • Additional accessory:

    1 Crevice Tool to remove dust in narrow areas and baseboards.

  • Additional accessory:

     1 Telescopic Duster to remove dust even in areas difficult to reach like heater slots

  • Additional accessory:

    1 Up Top Tool to vacuum on high pieces of furniture

Cordless handstick category All in 1 handstick  
Technology Cyclonic Technology  
Motorization Brushless motor  
Power speed position 2  
Battery type Lithium ion  
Voltage 21.9V  
Recharging time 3 hours  
Recharging type Wall mounted base  
Running time (using the handheld on powerful standard position) 30 min  
Suction Head name Power Slim  
Vision System: 'LED lighting'    
Suction Head shape Rectangular  
Brush bar cleaning system    
Mini Motorized Brush    
Flexible crevice tool XL    
Mini Electro brush    
Accessories storage module    
Sofa brush    
Crevice Tool    
Dust container capacity 0.65  L
Filtration Washable filter  
Charging Base    
Extension wand accessory    
Sound Level 85  dB(A)
Weight without accessories 2,8  kg
Format Standard  
Colours white and toy boy