MAMBO JUGS A classic, colorful and easy to use vacuum jug suitable for any occasion.  

Mambo Vacuum Jug. The perfect vacuum jug with a beautiful design that is easy to use for any occasion.  2 sizes : 1L/1.5L

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    Beautiful design, strong colours, attractive price and easy to use

    Mambo jug fits for any occasion thanks to its classic shape. The wide range of colors available will allow you to choose the color that you love the most. Quick-tip for an easy usage and high quality glass liner inside the jug.

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    Easy to use  

    Quick tip allows a convenient pouring. You will be able to serve precisely with one hand. 100% leak-proof    

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    Perfect conservation  

    High quality glass liner inside keeps your drink hot up to 12h and cold up to 24h  

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    Strong design  

    Vacuum jug available in different colors to customize your occasions. Classic design with two different external shapes : choose between an eroded surface or an high-gloss surface for an elegant shine.  

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    Easy preparation  

    Large opening area for easy filing  

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    The lid ensures optimal hygiene for safe serving. The large opening area allows an easy cleaning.  

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    Premium quality  

    Made in Germany. Guaranteed for 5 years.       

Instructions for Use