TEFAL K22136 Tefal Comfort Santoku Knife 12cm w/Cover

K22136 Tefal Comfort Santoku Knife 12cm w/Cover THE ESSENTIAL KNIFE, FOR MAXIMUM COMFORT OF USE

Stainless steel santoku knife 12 cm

Slice, cut and finely chop all types of food, with grooved blades to reduce sticking. Perfect for raw fish and meat !

Reference: K2213614

Essential Comfort Knives: the perfect starter knife set !

With Essential Comfort Knives, enjoy a complete assortment of knives and accessories in both stainless steel and ceramic, featuring soft-touch ergonomic handles for optimal comfort and control. High-quality stainless steel blades provide excellent cutting performance and resistance and ceramic blades offer outstanding precision, while safe blade covers protect each blade shape, for guaranteed security and easy storage. 14 products for high cutting performance: - Paring knife 9 cm (available in ceramic and stainless steel) - Utility knife 12 cm (available in ceramic and stainless steel) - Chef knife 15 cm (available in ceramic and stainless steel) - Chef knife 20 cm - Bread knife 20 cm - Slicing knife 20 cm - Santoku 12 cm (available in ceramic and stainless steel) - 4 steak knives - Cheese knife - Kitchen Shears  
  • Comfort Zone + Safe Cover

    Ergonomic handle, with soft-touch material in the most sensitive zone, for optimal comfort guaranteed. Blade cover for safe and easy storage.

  • Safe to use & store

    Individual blade sheaths add extra protection along with safe and easy storage.

  • High cutting performance 

    High-cutting stainless steel blades for high cutting performance and resistance.

  • Specific usages 

    Each knife has a unique design, for it's very own specific usages. The Santoku knife is ideal to slice, cut and chop finely.

Active Part Material Stainless steel  
Dimension 12 cm  
Handle Color BLACK + GREY - HIPPO  
Type Santoku  
Instructions for Use
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