COMFORT TOUCH KITCHEN TOOLS Comfort & Ergonomy 12 Tools : Slotted spoon, Pasta spoon, Spoon, Ladle, Angle spatula, Wok spatula, Long spatula, Skimmer, Pancake spatula, Flexible spatula, Food tong 27cm, Food tong 34cm.

Durable and comfortable utensils perfect for a daily use. Soft handle finishing for a nice touch and a good grip, Ingenious products faithful to Tefal brand, 14 available utensils to Cook & Serve and 2  Baking Tools.

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     Guaranteed Comfort 

    Thick nylon head for spatulas , Soft touch and well fitting handle , Dishwasher safe .

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     Soft touch handle  for unsurpassed comfort   

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    Robust design

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    Dishwasher safe

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    Nylon "head" resisting up to 204°C 

Instructions for Use