PLANCHA MALAGA TG3918  Griddle or Grill ! your choice !

 Enjoy cooking with the Malaga griddle!

 Plancha (Grill) with adjustable thermostat for perfectly cooked food every time. Easy cleaning with its removable electrical unit.

  •  1/3 Griddle 2/3 Grill : delicate ingredients and grill  

  •  Removable electrical unit with thermo-signal heat indicator

    Electrical unit is removable and has a thermo-signal heat indicator. It will let you know when the cooking plate is ready to grill 

  •  Even heating surface with 2000 W power

    The cooking surface heats evenly which guarantees even cooking and searing for all type of food.

  •  Easy cleaning 

    The juice tray and the cooking plates are removable and are dishwasher safe.

  •  No added oil 

    No need to oil the cooking plate : the food will not stick. The juices will fall in the juice tray giving you the opportunity to 

  •  Adjustable thermostat

    Seared results thanks to ana adjustable thermostat ! Adjust the temperature of your grill depending on the food you cook. Get superb results for all kind of grilled food !

Cooking surface 1200 CM  
Removable juice tray    
Dishwasher safe    
Dishwasher safe - details all the product except electrical unit  
Adjustable thermostat    
Ready to cook light    
Vertical storage    

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